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About the Enterprise


Apart from developed production structure, «Photopribor» includes the «Sokol» Design Bureau which carries out a whole package of research and development activities in the field of products design. Design documentation is elaborated, prototypes are manufactured in its own pilot production shop, a complete testing cycle is provided, design documentation is worked out and delivered for serial production.

The «Sokol» Design Bureau is the main subdivision in Ukraine which elaborates design documentation for sophisticated science intensive optoelectronic and optomechanical products for military applications, such as:

sighting complexes for armored vehicles, helicopters, self-propelled gun mounts;

thermal sighting complexes;

night vision devices, optical sights for small arms;

gyro devices, components of guided missiles;

equipment for processing of aerial photographic materials.

The «Sokol» Design Bureau possesses unique technologies and methods, specifically:

  • design methods for gyrostabilized platforms (head mirrors) using floated and fiber-optic gyros and collector free torque motors of domestic manufacture;
  • design methods and manufacture of pulsed solid-state lasers with radiation frequency from 1 to 15 Hz;
  • manufacture of continuous YAG-lasers with fluid cooling for laser beam control channels;
  • closed production cycle for spherical, aspherical and flat optical parts, as well as laser parts with laser resistant coating;
  • aiming angles measurement systems with accuracy of up to 9 min of arc;
  • design of laser rangefinders with measurement accuracy of 5 m and range from 200 to 10,000 m;
  • design of optical systems, including unique systems — laser systems, laser beam control channels with zoom objective lenses (up to 120 X), complete sights which contain up to 5 optical channels with different working waves (0.4-0.7 mm, 1.06 mm, 3-5 mm);
  • experts and equipment for the design and development of electronic and microprocessor automatic systems for sighting devices;
  • CAD systems of mechanical constructions, including 3-D modeling;
  • End-to end CAD system, technological support of PCBs.

The «Sokol» Design Bureau can render R & D services to interested customers, including the delivery of design documentation for serial production.

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