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1K118T is designed for ground targets search, detection and recognition under day-light and night-visibility environment, including under adverse weather conditions, the generation of a laser beam control field and missile guidance at the target.
It consists of a TV and thermal imaging (TI) observation channels, a laser beam control channel and a guidance channel.
It is used in the fire control systems of anti-tank complexes and can upgrade guided weapons systems for armored vehicles.



Maximum sight line azimuth guidance angle   ± 85°
Maximum sight line elevation guidance angle   -5...15°
Maximum guidance velocity      (3.5 ± 0.5) deg/s
Sight line azimuth throw-over velocity   15deg/s
TV channel FOV dimensions, pancreatic   1.33х1°...4х3°
TI channel FOV dimensions:    

- narrow



- wide   3500 
Tank-size target detection range if it is visible with a probability of 0.8:    

- detection range through the TV channel under day-light, m


3 х 2.25°

- detection range through the TI channel under night visibility, m   9 х 6.75° 
Control field generation range (with the control field diameter from 5 to 6 m), m   50...6 000
Readiness time, min   6.0
Weight, kg,   165
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