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About the Enterprise

“Photoprylad” Renders Assistance in Rehabilitation of Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) Warriors


Apart from design and production of optomechanical, optoelectronic and thermal sights for armored vehicles, gunship helicopters and small arms, the "Photopribor” business segments includes civil products, specifically, therapeutic  equipment: ophthalmologic devices for diagnostics and treatment of eye diseases, inverted microscopes built around biological microscope, medical functional beds, distillers, X-ray view boxes, etc.

At the request of the head physician of the Cherkasy regional military hospital for war veterans, which is the main establishment for rendering assistance in rehabilitation of ATO participants, the “Photoprylad” elaborated design documentation and launched the production of AM-1 mechanotherapy set, which facilitates the restoration of the patients’ muscles and joints suppleness. This is achieved by means of active and passive exercises using the mechanotherapy devices. Such devices will be a great help in postoperative rehabilitation of ATO soldiers.

Expanding cooperation with the hospital, “Photoprylad” handed over five functional beds for its patients. The beds are used in postoperative, postsurgical and intensive care departments of medical establishments.

Also, the “Sokol” Sports Complex, which belongs to “Photoprylad”, offers ATO participants and their families to use the swimming pool and fitness rooms.  

“Photoprylad” has always maintained cooperation with medical establishments and, hopefully, this cooperation will continue on a mutually advantageous terms.

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